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Nicholas F. Longano

Founder & Executive Advisor

Nicholas is a leading entrepreneur and brand innovator with almost 30 years of experience in launching successful brands and start up companies.  

Nicholas is acclaimed for building the world’s first in-game advertising network, Massive Incorporated, which he sold to Microsoft in 2006. 

Longano served as General Manager at Vivendi Universal Games, which published leading video games such as World of Warcraft, Diablo.   He launched lead titles for Disney, Fox and Warner Bros, and led the acquisition of Fox titles, such as Simpsons Hit and Run.  From Vivendi, he went on to be General Manager of Universal Interactive, where Longano was responsible for all film-based franchises.

As a brand marketer, Longano launched Pepsi, Evian and Sunkist onto the Australian market.  He spent the 90’s developing ground-breaking products for L’Oreal, Revlon and Unilever’s Calvin Klein Cosmetics.

Today, Longano is a recognized leader in Digital Marketing for B2B and Direct to Consumer.

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